My content

Good morning everyone and Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it. I am back again with another post. I have just updated Mrs. Boss with a little post for those that are interested to read. However I would like to make this disclaimer/ advisory: My content is for Mature adults because it contains themes that are unsuitable for children. I write about strength, independence, love and relationships so naturally there are parts of my novellas or stories that cannot be read by anyone under the age of 18. I also include gun violence and killing depending on the type of theme my story is following. My first two stories are about Mob families, so they will include a moderate amount of violence. Now I do not condone violence but they are the realities of my stories. Also as previously mentioned I like to write about interracial couples. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t write about anything else, it just means that most of my current content will feature protagonists of differing backgrounds. Now I am willing to take suggestions on different couple sets, but if you do not like guns, violence, mature content or interracial couples please do not read my content or leave any negative comments. This is a place where readers who like something different can come and read these novellas and post their feedback. It is meant to be interactive and fun. I will block anyone who is inappropriate.

First blog post

Welcome to my blog, La Sirene. My name is Aurelia and I will be your resident author. I love to read and have a vivid imagination. I hope my creations are to you liking. Please leave a comment below and share this page with you friends. With more followers I will be creating an email account for this page and I will start a social media one as well if any followers would like to see my content in real time. I will try in post weekly, because I have already started working on two projects. Hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Until next time.