Prologue to La Familia

     Time is ticking, one more minute left of the exam. Who knew I would ever get here, taking my medical boards. Well, this the beginning of the rest of my life. I am so excited yet terrifyingly nervous. My family is depending on me, They need me as the head of the business. Oh man, I hope it all works out because I cannot imagine what it would be like if it doesn’t. I am almost twenty-five years old, I need to get my life in perspective. I didn’t do all of this to bow out like a coward. Thirty seconds left. I take a deep breath and press the end button. Wow, I am done, finally done. I mean no more simulated classes, no more hard core prep. I made it. Now for the hard part, LIFE. When I was younger it was easier to get things done, now that I am a practicing doctor, or at least I hope, I have 10x more responsibility. This is all  I dreamed of though, making it so that my mom and dad could retire and finally enjoy life and my extended family could eat my dust. I give a silent prayer of thanks and collect my things. I walk out of the room and towards the exit of the building. As I breathe in the fresh air, I close my eyes and enjoy the solitude that I know I won’t get again. As I open my eyes and start towards my car, I see him and my world stops, at least for now.

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