Mrs. Boss

Welcome!! This short story I have been working on is about one of the top and only female enforcers in the Russian Mob. She has reached a cross roads in her life, leave the mob life that she has come to know and love behind to start a family, or continue working for her best friend and potentially never find the one? Now I started this story because a lot of women struggle with this everyday. We are told that we can do it all, but then all these obstacles are placed in front of us and we are mocked for trying to have our cake and eating it too. In this story my heroine Sam makes a choice and then has to navigate through life with the consequences of this choice. Now be forewarned, I do not write about damsels in distress or women who need help. They will be independent and and sometimes lethal if they have to, this is a mafia novella not a chick flick. If you don’t like reading about guns, violence, or killing please refrain from reading my content and leaving negative comments. I am not condoning violence or killing, but these are the stories of my heroines and what they must do to protect themselves.  Please leave a comment down below or contact me and I will post the first excerpt of the novella.